Dis/placements: Revisitations of Home explores the meaning of home for ten artists. Here, we invite you to share and explore your own concept of home.


757-9-HALSEY (757-942-5739)


Home is safe. Home is terrifying. Home is sacred. Home is temporary. Home is a memory. Home is a refuge. Home is evolving.

The concept of home evokes a myriad of thoughts and feelings, which can themselves change with a moment’s notice.

We invite you to dial in and share your own reflections and stories of home. Call 757-9-HALSEY (757-942-5739) and record an anecdote, definition, poem, fantasy, anything that evokes home for you. Please note that messages are limited to three minutes in length. Messages will be selected and shared here on a rolling basis in an effort to expand our collective idea of “home.”

Listen to voicemails:


Although the word is singular, “home” may reference multiple spaces and locations across the world for each person.

This map provides the opportunity to visualize what these locations look like for the community built by the Dis/placements exhibition. Use the fields below to include select types of home as experienced by you to the map. “True home” will represent something unique for each user: ancestral homeland, childhood hometown, birthplace, or the place where you felt most comfortable, to name only a few examples. Please note that locations will not populate immediately but will be added on a rolling basis.